Thursday, July 1, 2010

Have YOU seen "fOOD inC."? mY fOOD fOR ThOUGHt on it...

Have you seen fOOD inc? it is a documetary-type of "movie" that has been receiving lots of popularity lately. awesome. it is basic info on what is happening in BIG BUSINESS factory-"farms". 

This movie is enlightening for the general public. These factory-farms have been going on for over a century now, although some people are indeed just learning of the disgusting and heart-breaking way that big-business animal product makers are treating and keeping their animals in. Like this photo where animals never get out and run or forage. :(

Actually i have seen so much worse than food inc, and it is horrifying!  

it is one one the HUGE reasons i am SO PICKY about where my animal products and meat come from. Like this photo below... :D
i do believe that animals are a gift to this world and all mankind. Some people choose to refuse meat and/or animal products all together because of the belief that all animals are unhealthy and factory-farmed. i believe that God planned perfectly for humans to rule over animals and all other living things on the earth, TO RULE WITH LOVE AND RESPECT FOR ALL THINGS LIVING!!!  Therein lies my issue...big time.

 i thrive on healthy, grass-fed/pasture raised eggs, RAW milk, cream, yogurt, cheese, etc. And i eat the grass-fed/pastured meats as well (sparingly). My body does really well on healthily raised and properly treated animal protein, in fact when i have experimented on vegetarian/vegan diets or cleanses- oh my, oh my. i can do that for short periods of time in hot weather, however, not for an everyday lifestyle. it just does not work for my body.  

everyone's body is different. There doesn't have to be judgement about someone's diet. different things work for different bodies. Some bodies don't do well on meat all together.
we all deserve to find what makes us FEEL strong and healthy, not just appear to be or just talk about what we think is healthy.

i learned about the disasterous factory-farming almost 8 years ago. if you haven't seen "Food Inc." or aren't yet aware of our nations big-business meat "farmers", then you deserve to go rent it today!

The film reveals some of the basics of what is happening: Basically, the CHEAP meats, cheese, yogurt, milk, eggs, and all animal products are not made with say the least! :(

i have some really good friends that choose to be "raw foodists". i have heard comments from them that indicate they have difficulty in understanding how someone could love animals and nature or live harmoniously with them... if they eat them. 

i have been asked by them, "Michelle, how can you eat meat or animal products when you know how cruely these animals are being treated and raised? How can you support those businesses? How can you say you love animals if you buy meat and you eat them?"

(With all do respect to these friends, those are VERY good questions... keep reading and i will share MY equally fantastic answers. :)

First, i have also heard of people watching the Food Inc. movie and then making comments such as, "i saw food inc. and i cannot ever eat any meat ever again! eew!"

My response is this: i would never eat meat, milk or the products from these makers ever either! IF those were my only choices... meaning, if there were only cows swimming in their poop eating grain, who were brutally beaten...i would NOT eat or drink anything from an animal like that.  nor support those businesses! so sad.

Food Inc. reveals what big- businesses ( all the meat and animal products sold at your local big grocer. uh-hmm.) are doing behind secret doors. that aren't so secret anymore. 

Can you imagine how unhealthy these eggs and chickens are (pictured below)? these chickens never get out. never run around. it breaks my heart. where do your eggs come from?  these businesses go to extremes to make sure people don't know how awful their facility is or how unhealthy their animals are.

 They don't want people to stop buying their animal products! After all, the less you know, the better for them. They are making big money off  people buying their cheap, unhealthy stuff. And these animals are paying the price for human ignorance.

(like the sick diseased cow that fell down and died in confinement...and they hauled it off to make cheap hamburger!) They want you to believe their products are fine because they are in the grocery store or on the menu at your local fast food joint. Everyone deserves to rethink that one. ;)

Unfortunately, as long as people keep buying these types of products and supporting the success of these types of businesses, your local grocer will keep supplying the super-crappy food demand. If consumers would stop buying the diseased animal products and demand higher standards, the stores would quickly stock the new get your money. :)

They want to make money. it's that simple. they don't really care about your health or our families. They will sell whatever people will buy.

We could have every store filled with high quality, organic foods and products- if that is all consumers would buy. In fact all the high quality organic food would then cost about half-as much too! that's what i'm talking about!

why do we have some of the MOST unhealthy people and animals in our country?  umm, mystery solved.  people in general are misplacing their trust in bad food sources. We cannot let big businesses, that want to make money at the cost of our health, tell us what is okay to eat and think. That would be pretty crazy eh?

 We all deserve to make informed decisions about our food supply, health and medicine.

My final food for thought on Food Inc:
Buy only pasture raised, grass-eating, happy-sunshine-loving fresh raw milk and animal products and meats. not poor animals that were fed growth hormones like this unfortunate chicken! (same chicken 20 days later) yikes! (ticks me off...)
 i personally visit the farms first. they have to be extremely beautiful, clean, and have healthy animals ON PASTURE. i always make sure i know where and how the animals are raised, how they are treated, before i buy from that farmer or health-conscious store.

So, to all i say... YES it is possible to LOVE, respect, honor and BE GRATEFUL for animals and still be one that eats meat. 

The places i support are not at all like the ones featured in food inc. i support small farmers that have integrity and respect for animals.
My final note on the matter: animals deserve to live in a happy, healthy, harmonious environment- outside on grass. 

 i do believe, very strongly, that a chicken, cow or what have you, is fullfilling the measure of it's creation by ending up on my plate. (after a long, happy and healthy life). Animals are created for man to use (yes, eat).

i feel great love and appreciation for the animal that lived and then died so that i could benefit from it. i feel that way about fruits and vegetables too. They really are created by God for us. We all need to treat them the way God has entrusted us to. to have dominion over them- with great LOVE and appreciation.

i feel like i need to say amen now or something. :)
 we'll it is my blog. and i had to say it. all of it. because i love it... all. :)


The Coconut Mama said...

Great blog post, Michelle! Btw, I LOVE your book! =)

Kimberly Anne said...

Thanks for putting this in the comments on our facebook page. I just facebooked so others can see it!


WAPF Publicist

goddess in the groove said...

Yes, great post. I have also tried a vegetarian diet, several times, even though I am the mama of a meat loving family. After 4 months of generally not feeling well, and a binge on buffalo stew, I decided that a little meat is what my body needs. Fortunately, there are resources here for pasture fed beef & chicken. Small family farms that you can visit any time. Not only does this meat taste better, I eat it know that I am supporting humane farming, and a family existance.

Looking forward to reading your list....

Elizabeth said...

are you in utah? I recognize the redmond farms.

Michelle said...

Yes, Elizabeth, i am in Utah! :) wahoo!

Michelle said...

Thank you! and Thank you Kimberly for posting a link to this blog post on the Weston A Price facebook page! :)

purenergyhealing said...

I feel the exact same way. Peace