Wednesday, March 17, 2010

SpRinG is here! how i start my organic garden

i am back after a very eventful past few weeks! i have a feeling it isn't going to slow down for a while either. The Expo i was just at last Saturday was SO much FUN! i enjoyed teaching a class how to make my pizza recipe! Then i sold out way too early of my Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake and Caramel popcorn. (all recipes are The Diet Rebel's Cookbook) There are so many things that i am excited to share with you and can't wait to post about.  i am learning to make time for blogging! Lots of good things to come though. 
Today there are 14 days to countdown until my book is available (today). i am happy to be able to offer The Diet Rebel's Cookbook online from my own website: (it will be up March 30th) i will send everyone that orders from my website a signed copy of the book :)

One of the things i look forward to the most about Spring is the beginning of a new growing season for real food. i LOVE organic gardening; however where i live the growing season is far to short for me. So i extend my growing season by starting my own seeds- indoors... and oh, my word, it is so fun and EASY!  if you are used to buying your plants to plant in your garden, please consider the satisfaction and power of knowing how to start your own. Being self-reliant is amazing and rewarding! Not to mention how incredible it is to watch these seeds start growing into plants after 1-2 weeks! i LOVE it!!

Here's how i do it:

i have a couple small-ish green houses that i use, i put them in my large south-facing kitchen window.
1) i begin in December or January with the peppers...yes really! :) i save seeds from the year before or buy them from Seeds of Change. this year i bought some reusable trays that have 72 "peat-pellets" in them. When watered, the swell into "mini-pots". it is basically just peat moss, which is all it takes for perfect and easy to grow seeds to begin life. (i bought the tray thing w/ peat-pellets in it, from walmart, the brand was jiffy, $6 ea.) i start my peppers (wonder bell and early jalepeno) late December or early January.
2) Next is my tomato varieties, which i start in early February every year. By March the tomato and pepper plants need to be transplanted into bigger individual 4 inch pots.  i just took these pictures of my tiny plants before transplanting to 4 inchers. It is a beautiful display to see all these little plants growing- makes me smile.
3) The spinach, kale, chard, onions, and potatoes...i directly plant those seeds out in my garden outside as early as i early March, ideally.
4) The green beans i directly plant outside in early April.
5) i start my zucchini and yellow squash seeds indoors in April...they grow big fast. I transplant my tomato plants outside in mid April WITH coverings on them. The coverings i use are green tee-pee things that i fill with water and it keeps them warm and happy until i take them off around Memorial Day.
6) i also transplant the pepper plants and squash plants outside around the end of May- the same time i uncover the tomato plants.
anyway, i hope you realize that if i can do it...anyone can! You too can enjoy the freshest real, organic foods right from your own backyard (oh, it's so awesome). If you think its more expensive to eat organically grown food, think again! There is no comparison...not in taste or price!

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jean smith said...

michelle!! i am sooooooo proud of you. your blog looks AMAZING, your book is going to be amazing, and you are just talented all around. my mom said she had some of your cheesecake at jade's shower and said it was TO DIE FOR! can't wait for your book...